Gparted stands for Gnome Partition Editor.

This tool has GUI interface and it is really easy to manage your partitions with it. It also comes as GPartEd live CD.

I think the live CD is a must-have tool for any Linux administrator.

Gparted can not operate on mounted Partition, that is why the Live CD is more important.


Debian / Ubuntu <p class="codigo">sudo apt-get install gparted</span>

Mandriva <p class="codigo">urpmi gparted</span>


You can see on this screenshot, all its features, you can get this, by going to the main menu and clicking on:

gparted->show features

gparted screenshot</img>

To work with a particular partition click on it to highlight it and then if it is not mounted you can.

  • Delete
  • Resize
  • Format with:
    • ext2
    • ext3
    • FAT16
    • FAT32
    • hfs
    • jfs
    • Linux-swap
    • NTFS
    • reiserfs
    • xfs
  • Manage its flags

All this options are under Partition menu.

On View->Device Information, you will enable the view of the information about the Disk you are watching

gparted screenshot</img>