This guide will help you to upgrade from feisty to gutsy

You can now download the Alpha two release of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, remember that this is not a stable release, so use it only for testing purposes.

If you are using Feisty, you can upgrade to Gutsy Gibbon using these commands. <p class="codigo"> sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade gksudo “update-manager -c -d” </p>

For this to work be sure to have update-manager 0.59.23 from ubuntu-updates

updated 09/06/07

If you still have these errors

warning: could not initiate dbus current dist not found in meta-release file

Please read: feisty to gutsy

(updated thanks to Michael)

These are some of the news in Gutsy Gibbon

  • Gnome 2.19.4
  • Gnash (Flash by GNU)
  • XDG Directories
  • Firefox 3 Alpha in universe repository
  • Compiz Fusion by default

Update 08/25/07

Tribe 5 has been released two days ago, this is the first release after the freeze on August 16th, Gutsy comes with lots of news like:

Gnome 2.20 on September 27th when its first Beta will be released
The latest Gnome available
X configuration Graphical tool
This is a great tool, as for newbies to Linux configuring X is usally not an easy task
X graphical configurator Gutsy
New Features for Firefox
These new features will make the plugin installation easier as now the come as a graphical tool apt-get enabled, and also comes with Extension manager
Plug and play printer
Installing a printer was never easier than it will be now with Gutsy, you just plug the printer and turn it on and voila!! it is installed and ready to work

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