I really love vim (vi), is my preferred text editor, I am no expert at it, not even intermediate user, as it has a lot of options and features to learn, I have been using it since I started with Linux in 1997.

On those days we had only the text interface, mmmmh yes there were an X environment but it has too few features, that it was better not to use it.

Now with KDE, Gnome, Fluxbox or XFCE we have real good graphical interfaces for Linux, I still use the console a lot, but under the Gnome environment, as maybe most of you actually does, sometimes I need vim to be like gedit, where I can use select all and cut / copy commands, so I started using vim for Gnome.


Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get install vim-full vim-gnome

Using it

As this is not a vim tutorial, I will only show you how to start it, you will be able to find (for Debian) under

Applications -> Accessories -> GVim text editor

in Gnome menu.

Or in you console enter:

gvim [file]

and then use it with all the commands you already know.


If you really like and use vim, in any of its versions, try to donate for their maintenance. All the money donated goes to poor children in Uganda.

Just enter once in vim, the next command to know how to donate.

:help iccf