This December 3rd Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS has been released in its Alpha 1 version.

This is only intended for testing purposes, and to help the developers find bugs, is not intended for production machines, so do not download to install it as you main system, and back-up your data before installing it. These are the highlights about this version.

Xorg 7.3

The latest Xorg is available in alpha1, Xorg 7.3, with an emphasis on better autoconfiguration without config files.

Massive merge from Debian

As with the beginning of any development cycle, the Hardy one has seen the merge floodgates opened once again. This merge not only brings in lots of new version of various packages, but also a fair number of totally new applications.

If you want to help developers with this version, download it from: (Ubuntu) (Kubuntu) (Edubuntu) (Ubuntu JeOS) (Xubuntu) (Gobuntu) (UbuntuStudio)

And report bugs to: Ubuntu Bugtracker