Hardy Heron is going to be the new LTS (Long Term Support) Ubuntu version.

It will come after Gutsy Gibbon, which is still in Beta version, and will be release this October, and it is specifically this October when the Schedule of Hardy Heron Starts.

Here is its Calendar

October 2007

October 25th - Toolchain Uploaded

November 2007

November 1st - Development Summit

November 8th - Canonical AllHands

November 22nd - Specifications must be finalized, Translations exported from LP

November 29th - Alpha 1

December 2007

December 13th - DebianImportFreeze ,Remaining upstream merges completed, Rebuild Test

December 20th - Alpha 2

January 2008

January 10th - Alpha 3

January 24th - Developer Sprint

January 31st - Alpha 4

Feburary 2008

February 14th - FeatureFreeze,UpstreamVersionFreeze ,ArtworkDeadlineOne,UVF Universe,Rebuild Test, Upgrade Testing begins

February 21st - Alpha 5

February 28th - ArtworkDeadlineTwo,NewPackagesFreezeUniverse

March 2008

March 13th - StringFreeze

March 20th - BetaFreeze,FeistyArtworkFinalDeadline

March 27th - BetaRelease

April 2008

April 10th - NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline,KernelFreeze, Rebuild Test

April 17th - ReleaseCandidate,LanguagePackTranslationDeadline

April 24th - FinalRelease

This will a very important release, as it will be the replacement for Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake