Continuing with the Asterisk setup, today we will see how to configure Ekiga to work with it, to install Ekiga, launch your package manager and use it to install Ekiga.

This time I will use a screencast to show you this how-to, this is my first try, so please be gentle if you see that is in poor quality, or if it could have been better edited, I am sure the next ones will start to improve, hope you may find this how-to useful.

Please be sure to read: simple Asterisk configuration to understand the parameters used in this video. Installing on Debian/Ubuntu

sudo aptitude install ekiga

Installing on Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S ekiga

Installing on Fedora

sudo yum install ekiga

And so on, just use your distro’s package manager, it should be available, as it is very common, when you first install it, and start it for the very first time, it will run a configuration druid, that will let you configure the sound and camera if you have any, and also, lets you create an account at ekiga, you can safely choose, not to create that account, as you are going to use Ekiga with Asterisk.

Now, here is the video.


Let me know if it is clear enough in the comments please.