Today I needed to play a DVD on my PC actually it was the Da Vinci Code based on Dan Brown’s best seller, I tried with my Mandriva, Suse and Debian, as I am just starting with Mandriva and Suse, I was not able to install the “magic” package which is libdvdcss.

When I tried on Debian it was pretty easy for me, first I need to remember you that this procedure could be illegal in your country, and it is up to you to find if this is legal or Illegal in your country

First thing you should do is to edit the file


using your favorite text editor, vim in my case, and add this line to it.

deb etch main

Run this to authenticate the packages, (this time ignore the GPG errors)

apt-get install debian-multimedia-keyring

Once this done execute this command as root

apt-get install gxine libdvdcss2

that is all, from here you should be able to play encrypted DVDs on your PC, you just need the Pop Corn. Once I am able to play that DVD on Suse and Mandriva, I will go back and update this post.