idea logo</img> One of the biggest uses of sha1sum is to verify integrity of files, that are going to be sent by any electric medium, here you will how to use it

Do you need to send an attachment by email, or upload/download a file by ftp, or exchange a file with any other way, and need to be sure that file arrives its destination with no corruptions?

Well you may need to use sha1sum, which is a Linux console command that will check and print the sha1 hash

Summarizing, it will scan the file and print a string, which is unique for the scanned file. To use it just enter and the console:

sha1sum file

If you want to send the file together with its sha1sum output redirect the output to a file:

sha1sum hard_disk.jpg > hard_disk.sha1

Then send the two files, at its destination, someone can enter:

sha1sum -c hard_disk.sha1

Both files should be available and if everything is o.k. you will see something like this:

hard_disk.gif: OK

If you want to try, here are the two files, used on this test.

hard_disk.gif hard_disk.sha1

You may also want to check sha1sum man page