If you are like me, and administer your own email in a Linux box, and do not have set CPanel or any other similar tool, you can still forward your email to another account or, just send a cc to another account.

Let’s say you are:


And the email for john.com is managed by a Linux server with sendmail, or Postfix, and you may want all your incoming email to john@john.com to be copied to john@gmail.com just have to edit or create the .forward file in your home directory

vim $HOME/.forward

and add these lines inside.


note that john itself has a “" symbol, this is to instruct Sendmail or Postfix not to expand john again, or it will enter in a loop.

If what you want is just to forward and not keep a local copy enter something like this:


You can also copy to a lot of addresses.


You may say, that all of these can be done using /etc/aliases and yes it can, but if you do not have the root password, you can still create your own aliases file, using this approach.