Maybe this is not the category for this review as this site is not only dedicated to Linux, but it has lots of great how-to about Linux and also for Microsoft and Mac.

It is a great site as all of us who works in the computer world need advices about Linux, Microsoft, and other PC how-tos. You are invited to its news.

The site has a year and its having a huge number of visits, that is an indicator of the good content it has.

If you may answer why this site exist? here could be the answer as I got form its about page

Why Did You Start This Site? I started this site in October of 2006 because of my frustration with all of the How-To sites out there. Almost all of the other sites are either targeted at a particular niche, or so broad that they are impossible to navigate.

As you can see the site is intended to help everybody find a how to specific for anyones needs, you can give him an idea about a new how you may need, and he will investigate and post the answer.

I hope I got you attention, so now go and check How to Geek site and post your comments.