On this second part of the document we will start to see the structure of a LaTeX document.

As our first step we will install the necessary software

apt-get install texlive-latex-base

Then to create the document we first declare the document type and the letter type (at least)


The document will 10pt letter, and will be an article, you can also define the size of paper here:


Or make it two column (like books)


After that we can go with the author title and date of the document.

\author{Guillermo Garr\'{o}n}

\title{Hello World}

\date{November, 2007}

From here with all that defined we can start writing the document itself.


This is the control sequence to start the document,


To insert the title on the document


To start a new page for the document.

We can use sections, subsections, subsubsections, bullets and numbering, here are the control sequences for that.

\section{Part 1}

\subsection{Part 1.1}

\subsubsection{Part 1.1.1}

These are the main sections of a simple document.

To use bullets

\begin{itemize} \item First item \item Second item \end{itemize}

And to use numbering

\begin{enumerate} \item First item \item Second item \end{eenumerate}

To add comments you need to insert % and the rest of the line will be taken as comment.

This is a sample document and its result in PDF


\author{Guillermo Garr\'{o}n}

\title{Hello World}

\date{November, 2007}


\section{Introduction to LaTeX}
LaTeX is a document markup language and document preparation system for the TeX typesetting program. Within the typesetting system.\\

LaTeX{} has lots of advantages

\item Standard documentes
\item Can be viewed by others with free PDF applications


To make this file a pdf file create your document as TXT file with .tex extension, then enter these commands.

latex my_first_latex.tex

The output will be my_first_latex.dvi

dvipdf my_first_latex.dvi

The output will my_first_latex.pdf

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