Iron key is a “Mission Impossible” like flash memory, it has AES encryption method that goes beyond military standards of security

Among others these are some of its features.

  • It comes with a hardware encryption method, where all your data is encrypted to be saved and decrypted to be showed to you, it is password protected, but if you (or anybody else) fails 10 times your passwords, this chip will self destroy making impossible to read your data
  • Run applications directly from your flash key, so you do not left traces on the hosts machines you may use
  • The Iron Key will log you automatically to your online services, so you do not have to use the key for the passwords, avoiding any keylogger that may have been installed on that machine
  • The whole hardware is contained into epoxy so it is water proof, but also impossible to open without destroying the memory chips, thus avoiding any stolen or missed key to be opened to read the data

You can buy it at Amazon Iron Key P-FD4GBIKp-FS 4Gb Ironkey Hardware Encrypted USB 2.0 Flash Drive , there are also other capacities.

Iron Key image</img>