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Linux console brings acpi to us to check the status our Laptop battery, right from the command line.

[Edit sept-7-2010] Thanks to my Friend Jake: You need to install the package acpi, with your package manager, before using it. To check the state of the charge of battery


The output could be something like this.

     Battery 1: discharging, 44%, 00:18:48 remaining

yes I know I need a new battery :).

To check the battery temperature

acpi -t

And the output could be

     Battery 1: discharging, 37%, 00:15:59 remaining
     Thermal 1: ok, 49.0 degrees C

if you need it in Farenheit

acpi -t -f

To check the AC power status

acpi -a The output could be:

     Battery 1: discharging, 30%, 00:13:31 remaining
  AC Adapter 1: off-line
You can check all the status together

acpi -V

     Battery 1: discharging, 27%, 00:11:29 remaining
     Thermal 1: ok, 50.0 degrees C
  AC Adapter 1: off-line