Because of a comment here in Go2Linux I discovered Lindesk, which is a great Linux blog, I really enjoyed the articles posted there.

The blog is mainly focused on Fedora, and have lots of Desktop applications’ reviews since some time ago, the author has focused on multimedia applications, and has reviewed, MP3 players, showing the features, the pros and cons of every software reviewed, there are also lots of KDE tips, like how to start with “numlock” enabled.

The Fedora section comes with some good tips to tweak your Fedora and make it faster, and more usable.

The articles are well divided with titles and sub-titles, making it easy to read, also with lots of screenshots where needed. There are not too much articles per month some 5 to 10 per month but expect quality more than quantity, at LinDesk.

Check also the about page to visit other blogs from the same author.