I really want to go into Gentoo, I think I will learn a lot using and learning it.

As a first step I looked for some useful sites for Gentoo’s beginners and I want to share them, here they are:

Good Explanation about Flags on Gentoo Detailed instructions to install Gentoo Gentoo’s site FAQ Convert RedHat 9.0 to Gentoo over ssh <a href=http://ps3wiki.qj.net/index.php/Gentoo_Howto” target=”_blank” title=”The Gentoo HowTo”>The Gentoo Howto</a> Great and complete guide to install Gentoo Flags Descriptions Another good how to for Gentoo Desktop Linux Install Gentoo on a USB memory Stick The Gentoo Wiki page Sabayon the most famous Gentoo based Linux Using Gentoo with your ATI Radeon hardware

Hope you enjoy them.