Since Go2linux was born some years ago, has been hosted in four or five different places, it started in my office in a VMWare virtual machine with Debian Edge, then I moved it to shared web servers, but more or less six months ago, I have moved it to, and what is Linode? well it stand from Linux node.

At Linode, you have VPS (Virtual private server), running Linux, that way you can be in total control of your server, you can install any software you may want, lets say, nginx+fastcgi instead of apache+mod_php, or anything you want.

You also have full root access, really useful when you want to debug and problem with your server.

What distros can you install at

You can choose, from:

  • ArchLinux
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Gentoo
  • Slackware
  • Ubuntu

Plenty of options as you see, but wait, this does not end up here, you can also, manage all your features from only one dashboard, you can add memory, disk space, IP (remember you have a unique IP with your Linode by default).

You can also upgrade or downgrade from one package to another just with a click.

I have no complains since Go2Linux is there, they offer 99.9% uptime, and I can say that is that way, in fact I have not found any downtime since I am with them.

As you know, VPS is sharing your Linux with others in the same physical server, but how may?, well according to them.

Linodes of the same plan are grouped together onto a host. We adjust the number of slots on each host according to its resources and hardware specification. On average, a Linode 360 host has 40 Linodes on it. A Linode 540 host has on average 30. Linode 720 host: 20 Linodes; Linode 1080 host: 15; Linode 1440 host: 10; Linode 2880: 5.

If you are ready to go for your own Linux server, and you want to have great quality, low prices, you are looking for Linode.