Hi readers, today I have been thinking the whole day, about A Merry Ubuntu Christmas and Blog Action day and I think that we can do something similar for Linux.

Let’s say we can choose a day, December the 6th for example (just an example), and on that day all the subscribed Linux blogs should post about a topic, the topic of this year could be to give a Linux CD as a gift (do not have to be only gift you gave :). ) to everyone you want to give a Christmas gift.

So, if some of you agree, let’s start this campaign this year, please send me an email to: linuxblogday ([at]) gmail ([dot]) com

I hope we can do a lot for Linux with this.

I can also start a forum topic about that so we can discuss about the action, we can do that day. Help me spread the voice, submit this to digg, reddit, stumbleupon and lets the world know about this, hope you blog owner may like the idea and can join to it.