I was looking for a good and light calculator for Linux, and found some command line ones, I liked this one wcalc it is really light, and accept almost all mathematical expressions, and I say “almost” because I do not want to say that are all and make a mistake.

The use of it is really simple, just enter wcalc followed with the math expression in the command line, press ENTER and you will the result.

To install it on Debian run:

sudo aptitude install wcalc

and to calculate some simple operations:

wcalc '(200+200)/8*25/35.3553^2'

the result will be one, note that I am using to delimit the math expressions

The good thing is that it will also work with binary numbers.

wcalc -b 0b100+0b100

the result is:

= 0b1000

So the -b option make wcalc shows the result as binary and the 0b before the numbers says it that those numbers are binaries.

As you can see it is really useful, you may want to enter

man wcalc

to see some of the other options.