I will do a new review of a great site today, it’s been a while since my last review, I was a little busy these days.

I have to tell about this blog, with the risk of making a mistake, that is a little focused on Desktop applications, which is good, as most of the sites are focused on server applications. Well the site I want to review today is Linux Help - All About Linux I have found this site really interesting, it is frequently updated which is good and demonstrate the owner is really working hard to give us good content, it also have a nice Linux Tutorial.

I really liked its Book review section, I liked it so much that I am thinking in including one like that in this blog, also take a look at its OS review section, which are really complete reviews, not just a one page review saying “I have installed this OS today, I like it, test it”.

Hope you like the site, please any comments use the form below.