There are a lot of articles out there talking about how user friendly Linux is, in fact it is, there you have automatix for Ubuntu, Xandros with it’s out of the box good Desktop (XP look alike), Ulteo , and the list can grow and grow!

But we should not only see Linux as a windows replacement, as it is more than that. This are some usefull tools Linux has (In some distros out of the box).


With this “tool” you can configure really strong firewalls for increasing the PC security , if you found it difficult to configure you can alwas use some tools like rc.firewall script , or Shorewall


This other “tool” really increments your Linux security, giving you the option to administer your PC with almost no bandwidth requierments, and securely from any part of the world.

Backup Utilities

Lets you perform full backups, incremental ones, Images on CDs or DVDs, Secure backups (encripted), or automatic backups


Great tool for trouble shooting some networks problems.

Vlan Support

Lets your Linux act as a VLAN router, sending the traffic to the right network.

So as we can see, Linux is not only a Desktop Operating System nor a replace for XP, we should see Linux as an Operating System at another level, higher than the others.

Somebody could see Microsoft can do that job also, maybe it could but you will need to spent a lot of money for that and maybe will not do as a good job as Linux and almost sure not as flexible as Linux could do it.

If you only need an operating system for browsing the web, and writing some letters, Linux could do the job, but always think that you have a powerful tool installed on your PC (If you have Linux on it off course ;) ).

This article is a good description about not comparing Linux with windows Linux is not windows