I have found this new site while surfing the web, and I think it deserve a place in this section.

It is new, it started on April this year, but it is growing really fast, due to its great posts about a lot of topics of Linux

Their articles are nice and useful, easy to read an follow, it is also easy to navigate on their site map you will find there lots of articles distributed in interesting categories, like Debian, Ubuntu, Gnome, KDE, FUN among others.

At this site you will also find that the colors of its WordPress Theme is nice to the eyes, and easy to read the articles on it.

The webmaster inserted lots of images and screenshots in the site, which make it even a nicer view.

Check what the owner of the site have to say about this blog.

My name is Artem Nosulchik (also known as artiomix) and I'm Linux/Unix system administrator currently living and working in Ukraine. The main idea of Linux Screw is to share relevant knowledge, skills and observations over The Web. Here you will find tips, tricks, docs, manuals, hacks and more relating to different Linux distributions, FreeBSD and Sun Solaris as well as much more Open Source around information.

So go and check Linux Screw

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