After a big break. I will post one more review of a great Linux site. Today the turn is for NixCraft.

What is NixCraft? From its old page, we have this:

The nixCraft Linux sys admin Blog / Site offers frequent updates and insights about Linux sys admin work, tips, hacks and news. This is a site about Linux and Open source software. Whether you are a developer or UNIX/Linux administrator, you will find lots of good information.

The site has post as old as 5 years!, it may be running since 2005, the domain is registered since 2002, and it was discovered in StumbleUpon in 2005. The site contains more than 2200 posts and still adding content!, so you may imagine that there is a lot of useful content there for you to use.

It covers from simple tips, to complicated How tos, be sure to subscribe to its RSS here so you can get the most up to date tips for Linux.

The man behind NixCraft is Vivek Gite a Sr. UNIX System and Security Administrator, from New Delhi India.

Visit NixCraft. if you haven’t done yet.