Some time ago, I have written about taking screenshots with Linux. But at that time I did not know about scrot, so I am now going to write about scrot. Scrot stands for screen shot

You will have to install it, as it usually is not installed on most Linux distributions, so using your package manager install it.

How to use it

To get an instant screenshot

scrot file.png

To have scrot wait until you orginize your screen.

scrot -d 10 file.jpg

That will enter a delay of 10 seconds before taking the screenshot.

If you want scrot to display the countdown.

scrot -d 10 -c file.png

If you want to select a window, or a rectangle with the mouse use -s

scrot -s file.png

If you want the window be captured with the border

scrot -s -b file.png

Two more useful options.

Set the quality of the picture, de default is 75%.

scrot -s -b -q 90 file.png

Finally create a thumbnail, together with the screenshot, you will have to enter the percentage of the size the thumb will have, of the original picture.

scrot -t 20 file.png

You will get two files.

file.png (the original) file-thumb.png (The thumbnail, in this case of 20% the size of the original).