I have been in the situation of having to share a file with someone in the same room with me, and I had to send it by email. Just because you do not have configured both devices (PCs, Laptops, Smart Phones, etc) to share files in a network, does not mean you can not share files.

All you need is to have the file or files you want to share on your PC or Laptop, powered by any Linux Operating System flavor, and that the other device had a web browser and is able to establish a connection with your PC/Laptop.

So the other device could be a Blackberry, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or any smart phone with a web browser.

On the laptop you need to download and install this phyton script.

Note: I am serving here the version 2009-12-27 which was the last one by the time of writing this post. And I am serving it to save bandwidth on the original server. All credit to: Simon Budig

download woof

Rename it as woof.py

mv woof.txt woof.py

Make it executable:

chmod +x woof.py

The syntax:

woof [-i <ip_addr>] [-p <port>] [-c <count>] <file> woof [-i <ip_addr>] [-p <port>] [-c <count>] [-z|-j|-Z|-u] <dir> woof [-i <ip_addr>] [-p <port>] [-c <count>] -s woof [-i <ip_addr>] [-p <port>] [-c <count>] -U

The options

Specify the ip address serving
Specify the port opened to serve the file
Specify the number of times the file can be downloaded
Use gzip compression
Use jzip compression
Use Zip compression
No compression
Distributes itself
Provides a form for uploading files


-z -p 8080 -c 1


woof /tmp/file.txt You will get the response

Now serving on http://x.y.z.w:8080/
You can then share the link, and your partner will be able to download the file.

woof -z /some/dir

Will serve the directory /some/dir as gzip file. To see how fast someone reads this post I will serve a file (It is the bird picture of twitter that appears on this page) from this address Edit: The file was downloaded 1 minute after the post was published!