By Kevin Elwood

Introduction to the project:

This is a free website for learning how to build a headless server managed over the network or secure internet connection.

Donations are encouraged but never required.

Motivation of creating it:

Easy to manage disk space for internal network users as well as external internet users. Creating your own router from an older PC, so you can use your current wireless router as an access point instead, and move it to a better location in your home \ business.


Up to revision 3.84, 2 years in the making. Step by step print-screen install instructions. Available as a webpage or .pdf install guide. There is also a trouble-shooting blog you can read and or post to if you’re having problems.

Full description of what the system is capable of, once finish the installation:

You can choose how far to go in this how-to. Each page builds off the previous one, so you can stop wherever you like. If you completed the entire guide, your server would have the following key features.

  • Secure internal and external access to files via a web interface (Webmin)
  • Webspace
  • User manageable accounts via web interface (Usermin)
  • Easy to manage Samba user \ and groups
  • Easy to manage disk Quotas
  • RAID
  • FTP locked down to home directory (use is discouraged and discussed)
  • File permissions explained \ implemented
  • Share permissions explained \ implemented
  • SSH and RSSH
  • Easy to manage local disk mounting and network disk mounting
  • VMware server, host virtual machines
  • Drop in replacement for your Router \ NAT \ Firewall (iptables) \ DHCP server
  • Dynamic Hostname updates
  • Local DNS server, with dynamically updating internal clients via DHCP.
  • And much much more… Now that you know what your server will be capable of, you may want to go to the link below, and read the instruction, to start installing.