Better late than never, so I am entering into this fever called Twitter. And as a Linux Guru wannabe I like to use the command line for a lot of task, including tweeting.

I have in past shared with you this post about: Twitter from command line, now I will show you a real Twitter application that runs in the Linux console. The application called TTYtter, is the one I am talking about, you can download it from TTYtter homepage. It is actually just a perl program, but really powerfull.

Below some screenshots taken while I was installing it:


The first time you run it, you will see this screen, asking and guiding you to authorize TTYtter to update and access your Twitter account. This is to setup OAuth keyfiles.

Once you follow the directions you will see this:


And this:


Once running, just enter /help

To have help on screen, this is the help screen.


Or if you prefer text instead of an image

      *** BASIC COMMANDS:  :a$AAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAA$a,     ==================
                         +@A:.                     .:B@+    ANYTHING WITHOUT
   /refresh              =@B     HELP!!!  HELP!!!    B@=     A LEADING / IS
     grabs the newest    :a$Ao                     oA$a,    SENT AS A TWEET!
     tweets right            ;AAA$a; :a$AAAAAAAAAAA;       ==================
     away (or tells  :AOaaao:,   .:oA*:.                   JUST TYPE TO TALK!
     you if there    .;=$$$OBO***+        .+aaaa$:
     is nothing new)             :*; :***O@Aaaa*o,            ============
     by thumping     .+++++:       o#o                         REMEMBER!!
     the background  :OOOOOOA*:::, =@o       ,:::::.          ============
     process.          .+++++++++: =@*.....=a$OOOB#;       MANY COMMANDS, AND
                                   =@OoO@BAAA#@$o,           ALL TWEETS ARE
   /again                          =@o  .+aaaaa:            --ASYNCHRONOUS--
      displays most recent         =@Aaaaaaaaaa*o*a;,     and might not always
      tweets, both old and         =@$++=++++++:,;+aA:          respond
      new.                       ,+$@*.=O+  ...oO; oAo+.      immediately!
   /dm and /dmagain for DMs.   +Ba::;oaa*$Aa=aA$*aa=;::$B:
   /replies                          o@BOOOOOOOOO#@+
      shows replies and mentions.    o@BOB@B$B@BO#@+    
                                     o@*.a@o a@o.$@+     
   /quit resumes your boring life.   o@B$B@o a@A$#@+  

+- MORE COMMANDS -+  -=-=- USER STUFF -=-=-
|                 |  /whois username            displays info about username
| See the TTYtter |  /again username            views their most recent tweets
|  home page for  |  /wagain username           combines them all
|  complete list  |  /follow username           follow a username
|                 |  /leave username            stop following a username
+-----------------+  /dm username message       send a username a DM
+--- TWEET AND DM SELECTION -------------------------------------------------+
| all DMs and tweets have menu codes (letters + number, d for DMs). example: |
|      a5>  Send me Dr Pepper       |
|      [DM da0][ttytter/Sun Jan 32 1969] I think you are cute                |
| /reply a5 message                 replies to tweet a5                      |
|      example: /reply a5 I also like Dr Pepper                              |
|      becomes  @ttytter I also like Dr Pepper     (and is threaded)         |
| /thread a5                        if a5 is part of a thread (the username  |
|                                    has a @) then show all posts up to that |
| /url a5                           opens all URLs in tweet a5               |
|      Mac OS X users, do first: /set urlopen open %U                        |
|      Dummy terminal users, try /set urlopen lynx -dump %U | more           |
| /delete a5                        deletes tweet a5, if it's your tweet     |
| /rt a5                            retweets tweet a5: RT @tytter: Send me...|
+-- Abbreviations: /re, /th, /url, /del --- menu codes wrap around at end ---+
=====> /reply, /delete and /url work for direct message menu codes too! <=====

Use /set to turn on options or set them at runtime. There is a BIG LIST!

>> EXAMPLE: WANT ANSI? /set ansi 1
                       or use the -ansi command line option.
                       or use the -verify command line option.
For more, like readline support, UTF-8, SSL, proxies, etc., see the docs.


 TTYtter 1.1 is (c)2010 cameron kaiser + contributors.
 all rights reserved. this software is offered AS IS, with no guarantees. it
 is not endorsed by Obvious or the executives and developers of Twitter.

           *** subscribe to updates at
               send your suggestions to me at

I should say, that it has all the features, and options you can get from the webpage, you can follow, and stop following, reply, search, Retweet, and a big etc.

Just read the Official TTYtter help files

And enjoy your social network, while working on your Linux Server.