PDF is great, and is a great way to share documents, I usually convert my OpenOffice documents to PDF before sharing them, and almost everybody has a PDF reader, now a days even the smart phones support PDF files.

But, what If you want to ebbed the file in an email, or you want your document to appear in a web page?. Well in that case, maybe an image file is a better solution.

So, we’ll now learn about converting a PDF file to an image file, like an .png or .jpg file.

Convert PDF to JPG

We’ll use imagemagick to make this, and it is fairly easy, just enter this command.

convert file.pdf file.jpg

And all is done, if your PDF file has a lot of pages, you will find a file-0.jpg file-1.jpg file-2.jpg and file-n.jpg, being n the number of pages your PDF file had.

Convert PDF to PNG

In this case, just change the extension in the command.

convert file.pdf file.png

The consideration about the number of pages in the PDF file is the same as with JPG.


As you can see it is really easy to convert a PDF file to JPG or PNG, you just need to install imagemagick, imagemagick is also useful to take screenshots, and lots of other things.