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By: Jenny Fellner

Asterisk based calling systems offer the most reliable way of communication for business as well residential use. Ordinary PBX system is a quite costly solution. Asterisk helps reduce that cost and provides you the cheapest calling solution. Previously, it was impossible for a small business to invest in a call center program. Asterisk has made it possible as its low cost suits all sizes of business.

Basically, Asterisk was made to work with Linux operating system but with the passage of time, it has undergone huge developments. Now most of the people are using it with Windows. It was originally developed by Digium Inc.

Asterisk remains the best calling solutions for any office not only because of its low cost equipment but also there are many other incentives associated with it. Most of the VoIP phone service providers are offering 25-30 extra features (free of cost) with their calling service. This makes asterisk solutions a juicy offer for any businessman. Ordinary landline service providers can’t even think of such offer. With a VoIP provider like Axvoice, you can get a solution for your business in 15$ only.

Asterisk based solutions don’t need any particular equipment. You you have to use already available high speed internet as it uses internet lines to transmit the data. Once you get connected, it works just like an ordinary touch-tone phone system.

Asterisk based solutions are popular because it is easy to add different extensions in the system. In India, approximately all the call centers are using asterisk based calling solutions as it remains the only way of survival in a tough competition. A number of organizations are running their setup without any office. They are hiring home based employees and providing them Asterisk systems. This saves not only calling cost but also the entire cost of office building, electricity, pick and drop and many other charges.

New employee simply installs this system on his computer and become a part of the organization. Those who want to give a local look to their business can get a local number. That means they will be able to get a number from Florida while sitting in New York. They will be charged local call rates.

You can set up a voice mailbox, which will be connected to your employees email box also. It will make sure that all the voices are all the voice mails are answered instantly and appropriately.

Another factor that makes Asterisk system the ultimate choice for a businessman is the after sales support. There is a tough competition going on between VoIP service providers. All the VoIP vendors have developed very efficient after sales support system to survive in the competition.

In the end, this system is the best not only for businessmen but also for their clients. They will get a more efficient and active service from you at the same rates. To cut the story short, now a day, asterisk solutions are selling like hotcakes just because of the above mentioned reasons. It is said that this new calling system will replace all the present landline and mobile phones in next 10 years.

Bio: Jenny Fellner is a staff writer for Axvoice. Axvoice is one of the leading hosted PBX Providers, offering Business phone system to home and small businesses.