Google Chrome is becoming more and more popular, for example, the last month for this site, here are some statistics.

So it represent the 25% of the visitors to this site. I’m using Slackware a lot, so I decided to install Chrome on Slackware.

Some notes, before going to the how-to.

  • I’ve installed Slackware from the CD, and did a full installation
  • My version is 13.1
  • My Slackware is up to date, (01-19-2010)

Prepare Slackware to install Chrome

We’ll need to install ORBit and GConf.

Installing ORBit from slackbuilds

Download the slackbuild from here, then run:

tar xvzf ORBit2.tar.gz

Go into ORBit directory, and download there the ORBit source, you will find the link in this page

Then, make the file “ORBit2.SlackBuild” executable.

chmod +x ORBit2.SlackBuild

And run it as root


You should now be able to install ORBit.

installpkg /tmp/ORBit2-2.14.19-i486-1_SBo.tgz

The name of your package may be different, because of versions, but it will be located at /tmp/ folder.

Installing GConf from slackbuild

Now we’ll need to install GConf. Once again, we’ll do it from

Download the slackbuild from here, then run:

tar xvzf GConf.tar.gz

Go into GConf folder, and download there the GConf source, you will find the link once again, in the slackbuild page.

Now, we’ll make “GConf.SlackBuild” executable.

chmod +x GConf.SlackBuild

And run it as root:


We are now ready to install GConf. Once again as root

installpkg /tmp/GConf-2.26.0-i486-1_SBo.tgz

Please check the name of the file, as your version may be other, look for it in /tmp/ folder.

Install Chrome

Now we’re ready to install Chrome.

First download the slackbuild from here.

Uncompress the file:

tar xvzf google-chrome.tar.gz

Enter into google-chrome folder, and download there the .deb file. The link is in this page

Now, we’ll repeat all steps as above.

Make the file “google-chrome.SlackBuild” executable, by running:

chmod +x google-chrome.SlackBuild

And run it as root:


Finally install Google Chrome, running as root:

installpkg /tmp/google-chrome-9.0.597.45-i386-1_SBo.tgz

One more time, consider that your file name may change due to different versions.