Happy new year to all of you!

To start this new year I will share with you the 10 most visited pages at Go2Linux this past 2010.

Absolute top 10 articles

  1. How to copy files over ssh
  2. The sudoers file explained
  3. Upgrade from Debian Lenny to Debian Squeeze
  4. How to access ext3 file systems from Windows
  5. Recover Fedora and Centos root password
  6. How to use nmap from console and its GUI
  7. Comparing Debian, Ubuntu, Centos and Fedora
  8. How to set date and time in Linux
  9. useradd vs adduser
  10. The spartan and lightweight Debian Desktop

Top 10 articles created on 2010

  1. Arch Linux review
  2. How to prevent brute force attacks
  3. Benchmark your Apache or Nginx web server
  4. Screen command tutorial
  5. Find which process is consuming your RAM
  6. Interview with Raphael Hertzog, a Debian Developer
  7. Install Drupal boost module, using Nginx
  8. Slackware review
  9. Firewall builder introduction
  10. Two other Linux distributions I’m testing