Maybe Huawei 3G modems are the most famous 3G modems, at least they are in Latin America. I’ve one from Tigo here in my country, and I’m using Slackware Linux in my Laptop, so here I’ll show you how to connect your Linux computer to the 3G network via a Huawei modem, I’m sure that this will work with other brands of modems, but I can not verify as I do not have them.

How to connect Slacware Linux to Internet via 3G modem

This is really easy, we only need to install wvdial, so I went to slackbuilds to download the package, but wvdial depends on wvstreams, so let’s install it first.

First download and install wvstreams, and then wvdial, according with the instructions in this how to install software from slackbuilds

Once that is done, proceed with How to configure wvdial to work with 3G


This is just a recap of other how-tos in this blog, as all steps were covered before.