It’s been a long time since my last blog review, I’ve been busy creating content for this blog, and less time review other blogs, now I will review Linux Notes


This blog is really young, it has been started in October 2010, if I’m not wrong, unlike other blogs it does not post a lot of articles per month, but each of them is done with quality in mind.


As soon as you start reading you realize that DarkDuck (The author) puts a lot of effort in writing each article, as an example, you can see this one: Numbering pages Tutorial video, where three videos were recorded in order to show you how to insert page number in OpenOffice, Abiword and Kword.

Easy reading

The author is from Russia, but being living in England makes him a person with good English skills, therefore you will enjoy reading this blog, with no grammar errors. The way an article is written is as important as the content itself, I’m sure you know about that.


I really recommend you reading this blog, you will find good content, subscribing to it, is a good way to follow, as not a lot of content is publish each month, you will not have to visit each day to look for new content.

If you like it, you may want to follow @LnxPress in twitter as Linux Notes is one of the source for that twitter account.