This is an Italian blog talking about Linux Operating System, but before you say “I do not speak (or read) Italian” let me tell you that there is an English version.

I have thinking about presenting you with this blog for long time, but never found the time to write about it. Now is that time.


In my opinion, even though the articles on this blog, are easily followed by Linux newcomers, the intended audience is from intermediate to advanced users.

It teach you a lot of command line tips, and tricks, and goes usually deep on each topic, which is not easy to find these days.


I really enjoy reading the articles on this blog, the author take the time to investigate a lot about each topic, and gives a lot of details, it comes with examples, and commands that guide you step by step in each tutorial.

Type of articles

As I have already mentioned, there are a lot of useful tutorials, some of the deep, some other for the newbies, all of them clearly explained, and easy to follow, in plain English.

But the articles here, are not only tutorials, and you’ll also find some articles that stand out of the common, like comparing Linux distributions with food, or with colors. :), yes you have read well, those are funny and nice articles, that surprised me in the title, but I enjoyed reading them.


I do recommend you to read this blog, you can opt for the: