There are lots of situations when you need to save a web page locally, for example, if you want to read it while you are in the plane, or if the information is too valuable and the website is too young, so it might go off-line in the future.

And if there are lots of situations when you need to save the pages, there are also, lots of ways to do it, but today we’ll focus only on one of them: Which is, ScrapBook.

Download web pages to your disk with ScrapBook

Well, this is really easy, all you need to do is to install the add-on, which you can download from ScrapBook home page

Once installed, you will see a new menu in Firefox, it will be located between Bookmarks and Tools, see the picture below.


There you have “Save Page”, “Save Page as…” and others.

I like to use “Save Page as…”, where you can choose other options like which type of files to save, to follow links, and how many levels of them.

scrapbook save file menu

Save web page locally from command line with htmldoc as pdf

But, if you like the command line, as much as I do, you can use htmldoc, to save web pages as pdf files.

It is just one command:

htmldoc -f page.pdf --webpage