Well, this is once again one of my post reviewing other sites/blogs, about Linux, this time I will review a shiny new blog, you may say “How can you review something that new?” well the blog is new because it is moving from another location.

I was reading it in its old location, and now I also know that this blogger was also a reader of this blog :).

So, I want you to know about this new/old blog.

Nocturnal Slacker

According to himself

I’m a worker bee living in sunny Florida. I was born and raised here in Tampa. My career field was originally electronics repair. I did component level work on RF communications (2-way radio) and consumer audio equipment.

Sadly, that career field went the way of the .25 cent pack of smokes and the Beta VCR. Little girls in China now do what I did for two cups of rice a day. No one fixes anything in this country anymore. We just throw it away and buy another. It’s a brave new world, folks.

Anywho… I’m just doing what needs doing to keep vittles on the table, you know.

My online escapades include running community boards, where many of my online friends gather and interact. I also administrate or moderate a few other boards here and there on the Net; mostly regarding technical topics like Linux, general computer baloney, etc.

Well, you can read the rest.. here

He writes two blogs, but the one I and maybe are interested is:

Nocturnal Slacker V1.0, despite the name, this blog is not only about Slackwere, he also use Arch Linux, and Debian, read here.

So, you will find a lot of technical posts there, and a lot of valuable information, If you are an intermediate to advanced user, you are also welcome as his knowledge about Linux is real good, and you will find advanced articles there.

So, give him a visit, just like he says:

Learn something. It won’t hurt you none.