After reading a pair of post from Jeff Hoogland (Author of bodhi Linux) I've started to ask myself if freenode or specifically #Fedora in freenode is really that bad.

Here are some parts of those posts:

I discovered this evening much to my dismay that the year and a half old western digital hard drive in my main laptop is dieing. All three of the Linux installs on the system failed in various ways (typically a sign of a hardware issue) so I grabbed the closest live CD and popped it in. Now, it's been awhile since I've burned a live CD so the top disc in my spindle was an old Fedora 13 disc. After the system booted up, I connected to my wireless internet and was on my way.

It seems he was really worried about possibly loosing his information, saved on that disk.

He decided to copy (backup it) using Nautilus, but because of the permissions, he needed to start Nautilus as root (super user)

So he went to #fedora and asked for help, here is more about what he got:

...I've found that whenever I am foolish enough to ask a question in #fedora, instead of getting help with what I have asked, I am bombarded with questions on why I am trying to do what I am doing. Even after informing them that I would just like to accomplish what I have asked, I was informed I was wrong and that I should do something completely different (and that would take far longer than I wanted with a dieing hard disc).

I usually see this kind of reactions when reading the forums almost in any community.

I think the right way to act would be:

"Sir, I think you are wrong, there are better things in doing that, like ........., if you do what you want you may face this problems........., but if you still want to do it that way here is how ....., considered yourself warned"

With that kind of answers all future readers of the answer will understand the risks and will learn how it should be done better, but also the guy asking for that specific question may get his answer, and is up to him what to do with it.

Anyway I think, and the same Jeff admitted it later, it is not correct to blame the Fedora community for the action of just some few guys online at that very moment in the #Fedora channel. I've had great experiences with Fedora community when I was starting with Fedora 6, they really helped me a lot and teach me a lot more!.

Now a days I really prefer to use Google, than ask a question, as chances are that my question have been asked before, it is just a matter of finding the right phrases to look for in Google and you'll get the answer.

You may want to read Fedora you're always wrong and Sometimes I just want my computer to work

What do you think?