Ubuntu and Slackware

Some days ago on April 28th Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, was released with all the bells and whistles that we are used to see every six months.

And that it has to be, Ubuntu is the most popular distribution, and it has contributed a lot to Linux, a lot of people may not agree with that, but in my opinion it is that way.

Just one day before that Slackware Linux, also released a new version, this time 13.37 (Leet), another great contributor to Linux, Slackware was once as popular (At least in the Linux world) as Ubuntu is now.

They also have in common that they have to great guy behind each one of them Patrick Volkerding behind Slackware and Mark Shuttleworth, but I think there is where the coincidence end.

About Ubuntu

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Ubuntu is based on Debian, and focused on Desktop use, there is a Server edition that gain more and more adepts, who normally uses the LTS (Long term support) version.

Ubuntu according to Distrowatch is the most popular distribution, and if you consider that the second one Linux mint, is based on Ubuntu they are far away from the third one (Fedora).

Ubuntu usually have this love-hate relationship with Linux fans, and you may love it or hate it, but for sure you just can't forget about it.

Ubuntu was maybe the first Linux distribution that focused on making Linux easy to use for the "average Joe", and that is what gave it its success.

Ubuntu's community is a great source of information, and the Ubuntu forums has more than a million members, where of course you will find all kind of people.

About Slackware

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Well, Slackware. Slackware is one of my favorite Linux distribution, is the last one I started to use, and it was love at first sight (at least from my side). Slackware is the the oldest Linux distribution still alive, and I hope it always sustain that title.

Slackware sticks to the KISS principle, this last version features:

  • KDE 4.5.5
  • Linux
  • GCC 4.5.2
  • QT 4.7.0
  • Firefox 4.0 (Kudos on this!)

It does not features as may programs as Ubuntu, but if you go to Slackbuilds, you may install almost anything you need and do not worry about How to use Slackbuilds it is really easy.

Slackware is also used as a server as it is very, very stable. I have written a Slackware review, some months ago.

Hooray for Ubuntu and Slackware

Two important Linux distribution released new versions at the end of last month, so Hooray for them, one of them with a huge community a big company and a lot of money behind it, the other one driven by one person, and lots of enthusiasts, and volunteers, but both of them equally important to the Linux community, so Hooray for them.