A lot of people is saying that maybe RSS is dying, but what it seems to be happening is that maybe, while more and more people come on-line the majority of them are not that "geek" guy that knows how to use RSS.

Well I'm sure that most of the readers of this blog uses RSS, actually, there are 1800+ RSS readers of this blog.

I want now to introduce you with Newsbeuter, that according to its home page is:

Newsbeuter is an open-source RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals. It runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and other Unix-like operating systems. Newsbeuter's great configurability and vast number of features make it a perfect choice for people that need a slick and fast feed reader that can be completely controlled via keyboard.

If you follow this blog, you may already know that I like to do a lot of things from the command line, and every time I can I prefer to use the console rather than the GUI.

So, this time I'll write about Newsbeuter, this is an introduction, and in future posts I will share with you some tips and tricks of this console RSS reader.


newsbeuter should be available to install using the package manager for your distribution, I'm using Arch Linux

pacman -Sy newsbeuter


Here a screenshot of newsbeuter in action.

[img_assist nid=1094 title=newsbeuter desc= link=none align=left width=500 height=382]

How to use Newsbeuter

You can use Newsbeuter as a stand alone reader or together with google reader and of course in sync with it, wich is great.

I'll show you here first how to use it in a stand alone way, and then how to sync it with your Google reader account.

Import OPML file

If you have another reader like Google Reader or any other and you want to switch to newsbeuter, the best way to switch is first exporting in the original reader your feeds to an OPML file.

And then importing it to newsbeuter. Once you have your OPML file, all you need to do is

newsbeuter -i opmlfile

Now you have migrated to newsbeuter.

Export to an OPML file

You can also export all your feeds to an OPML file.

newsbeuter -e > /tmp/opml-file.txt

Sync with Google reader

In order to sync with your Google account all you need is to edit or create the file ~/.newsbeuter/config and add the following inside:

urls-source "googlereader"
googlereader-login ""
googlereader-password "my-password"
googlereader-flag-share "a"
googlereader-flag-star "b"

Where googlereader-flag-share and googlereader-flag-star are the ways to sync shared and starred items.


If you really like working at the terminal, you'll love newsbeuter. Also do not forget to press 't' while in the main window of you Google sync newsbeuter, you will find a nice surprise.