If you have just installed your LAMP server on your favorite Linux distribution, you may want to test a few things, one of the them is PHP running.

To me the best way to do it is creating a small php script that will display the info about PHP running on my server, using the statement phpinfo.

How to create a phpinfo php script

This is very simple and maybe all of you already know about it, but I think it is good to list it here in case it may help someone in the future -maybe me ;)-

Just go to your Apache document root folder and with your favorite text editor create this file.

vim phpinfo.php

(mine is vim).

Cut and past the next text inside it:

Then head to http://yourip/phpinfo.php

You should see something like this:



For security reasons, be sure to erased the file as soon as you know PHP is running, you do not want everybody to know the exact version of PHP you are running and other info they can use to break your system.