Whenever you need to work with PDF documents, like when you need to merge documents, rotate them or put a lot of documents together in a single PDF file, you may need to work with PDF Mod, this great tool will let you do those things and more.

This is going to be just an introduction to its capabilities, you will then learn a lot more by yourself while working with it.


If you are using one of the major Linux distribution you will find it in the repositories of your distribution, or you can download from the homepage

I have installed it in Arch Linux from the AUR repositories using yaourt

If you want to install it in Ubuntu, use these commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pdfmod-team/ppa

To add the new PPA

sudo apt-get update

Update the repositories’ database

sudo apt-get install pdfmod

To install the software.

Using PDF Mod

Now that you have it installed, you can start editing your PDF documents, you can rotate pages, add or extract pages to final document.

One good scenario to use it is:

  • You need to present a report that need to include an introduction letter, some graphics, a spread sheet, and some pictures.

What you can do is:

  • Create the letter with LaTeX
  • Export your spreadsheets from LibreOffice to PDF (It has a function to do it)
  • Convert your JPG files to PDF (Use the opposite way that this tutorial use)

Now you can use PDF Mod to put all those pages together.

Just use the “+” (Plus) sign in the menu, to add documents to the master documents, and then you can change the order of the pages, by just moving them with the mouse in the main screen.

[img_assist nid=1120 title=PDF mod menu desc= link=none align=center width=500 height=282]


As you can see, this is powerful yet easy tool to create PDF documents, consisting of a lot of other documents, it is also very intuitive and you’ll find it really easy to use.