A Perl module is a discrete component of software for the Perl programming language. Technically, it is a particular set of conventions for using Perl's package mechanism that has become universally adopted.[discuss] A module defines its source code to be in a package (much like a Java package), the Perl mechanism for defining namespaces, e.g. CGI or Net::FTP or XML::Parser; the file structure mirrors the namespace structure (e.g. the source code for Net::FTP is in Net/ Furthermore, a module is the Perl equivalent of the class when object-oriented programming is employed

Now we'll see an easy way to manage them, install, list, delete (uninstall) from the command line.


Perlmod is a program that will help you manage Perl Modules.

You can download it from here

Here you have the INSTALL file that comes with the package.

PERL MODULE MANAGER - perlmod Version 1.2.0 

Installation Steps:
a) chmod 655 installer

b) ./installer

Note: Always run as a root user

Usage: perlmod [options] [module1] [module2] ...

-i, install, --install      Install perl modules automatically
-d, delete, --delete        Uninstall perl modules from the system
-f, file, --file        Print all files related to a module
-h, help, --help        Print help about perlmod
-l, list, --list        List all perl modules installed in system
-m, module, --module        List version of module installed in system
-c, cpan, --cpan        Search for a perl module in
-s, search, --search        Search for a perl module installed in system
-v, version, --version      Shows perlmod version

install             => perlmod -i Date::Calc SOAP::Parser Authen::NTLM::HTTP
uninstall           => perlmod -d Date::Calc
module files            => perlmod -f Date::Calc
module details          => perlmod -m Date::Calc
list all modules        => perlmod -l
search in      => perlmod -c Date::Calc
search for a module         => perlmod -s Date::Calc
perlmod help            => perlmod -h
perlmod version         => perlmod -v

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Developed By Geo Varghese (

As you can see, it will help you a lot.