If you need more WiFi range this can help you, this router has a nearly a quarter mile of range (400 mts) and also has 4 100M Ethernet ports too.

It also supports WPA-Enterprise, WPA2, or WEP for security, which is really important considering its great range, so your neighbors can not steal your bandwidth.

Extreme range router image</img>

These are some of its features:

  • Five units in one: Access point, router, point-to-point bridge, point-to-multipoint bridge, and wireless repeater
  • Nearly 30 dBm, the limit allowed by US FCC regulation
  • Extreme receiving sensitivity of -96dBm, so even weak clients can be heard
  • 4x the range of normal 802.11b/g - almost a quarter mile!
  • VPN-Passthrough, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2, WEP, and 802.1x authentication
  • WDS: Bridge and Repeater

It has good power 30 dBm, but also good sensitivity, as the main problem here could be that your laptop may hear the router but maybe the router will not be able to hear your Laptop whispering.

Update: You can get it from here choose one of these: