Today I came across a post titled seven months with windows 7. I do not agree 100% with it. Let me tell you why.

Before you continue reading, please take a moment to read the original post, as it is needed to understand my response.

“So, what is it about Windows that makes it as good as, or better than Desktop Linux?”

  1. "It does not crash" .- Windows 7 has improved a lot specially compared to Vista, but it is also true that Windows XP does not crash either. If properly used. Here is the catch: If you plan to use your computer for a "normal" work, then any O.S. will manage to support the load. On the other hand, if you want to use your computer to experiment (the typical geek) with new applications, then the O.S. will be prone to fail, unless that O.S.,  is really stable.
  2. "It hasn't slowed down over time".- Windows does slows down over time, and it is not a myth. But something should be added here. Windows slows down over time, only when the user installs and un-installs software continuously. I am not an expert on this topic, but I think the main reason for this is, too much junk on the registry left behind by installed and de-installed software, maybe too much .dll files left behind too. So, once again, if you are not planning to experiment with your PC then Windows is also a good choice.
  3. "I have a lot of functionality that I didn't have with Desktop Linux as well". I fully agree with this point, I also use Windows 7 and only because of iTunes, which I need to maintain my iPod Touch and Shuffle up to date.

Finally, in this statement the author summarize what I am trying to say: “I think it would still be better to have a Linux workstation if you manage Linux servers, due to the type of functionality required.”. It all depends on what you want to do, Windows can work for anyone trying just to read email, use some applications like, skype, messengers, and work with an office suite.

But to say that it does not crash, or that it does not slow down over the time, just because you’re dealing with delicate, is not fair for me.

If one put Windows (any flavor) and Linux (any flavor) side by side and over moths, you install and un-install applications to test them, one is going to fail someday, and that is going to be Windows.

The conclusion to me is: Points 1 and 2, are no myths, but Windows is 100% suitable for some needs.</span></span>

Note: These are my opinions, and I respect what the author said, do not take me wrong, I know he is saying the true, but some facts were not disclosed, IMHO