I am sure you know Tuxmachines.org, and you may also know that the owner is Susan Linton.
She does a great job with Tuxmachines, where you find articles from all over the web about Linux, sometimes I wonder how she read all that information, and collect it to create the Reader’s Digest of Linux users.

But, what I want to recommend you is to read the original articles of Susan, she periodically writes for Linux Journal magazine, but you can follow her articles in this page: Tuxmachines Original content.

I would love to have an rss feed for that page, so I do not have be checking it daily to see if new content has arrived, I really suggest Susan to make an rss feed available for her articles.
Susan is a Linux user sin 1992, so she has plenty of experience in the Linux world, her articles are easy to read and follow, with good and up to date information, not biased and really well written.

I do recommend you follow her articles, if you love Linux as much as I do, you will enjoy the reading.

If you want to know a little bit more about her, read these pages.

About Susan Linton @Tuxmachines
About Susan Linton @Linux Journal

Have a nice reading.