Lubuntu 10.10 released

Lubuntu is not an official member of the Ubuntu family like Kubuntu or Xubuntu, but it is fully based on Ubuntu.

Featuring LXDE instead of Gnome, it is oriented for Netbooks, and old hardware PCs.

From: Linux Journal:

Like its big brother Ubuntu, part of the appeal of a distribution like Lubuntu comes from its ease of installation. To this end, Lubuntu installs a complete set of tools and applications with only an essential set of install time configuration options. Basically, if you’ve installed any other *buntu, you have a good idea of what to expect: the disk boots into a live CD with an option to install the operating system to a HD.

So, what does Lubuntu actually offer? LXDE is a lightweight desktop environment, itself based on the extremely efficient Openbox window manager. As well as responsiveness on less powerful machines, it has has comparatively low power requirements, increasing battery life and saving money. In terms of the default visual layout, Lubuntu has an application launcher that sits on the left hand side of the taskbar which runs along the bottom of the screen. In other words, no real surprises for the average computer user.

Considering the less power consumption it can also be considered more green.

As the Linux Journal’s articles states, if you have some time, you can build your own light weight configuration starting from the Debian Netinstall disk.

If you don?t need a standardised, easy to install solution, you could build something similar to what Lubuntu offers, and lighter still, by beginning with a Debian netinstall and then adding LXDE and any other components that you need.

Some time ago, I have written some instructions to achieve that, but based on fluxbox rather than on LXDE, you can find the instructions for that Light weight Debian Fluxbox which is somehow, the counterpart of Lubuntu but based on Debian.

I am also waiting for the release of Crunchbanglinux that now is based on Debian, and features OpenBox. And LXDE is based on OpenBox, so it could also be a good alternative.