According to Opera CTO Håkon Wium Lie, because of the mopolistic practices of Microsoft, giving Windows and IE as a bundle, there is no real browser market, and Microsoft does not hear its users, as in any monopoly there is no need to hear the users.

Here is a portion of the article in arstechnica

With recent news about Internet Explorer 8's imminent beta, Microsoft's long and checkered history with web standards compliance has been hurled back into the harsh, unflattering spotlight. Even though IE8 will have a new "standards compliant" mode, it won't be perfect, stirring up a new wave of grumbling about Microsoft's attitude and position in the browser market. Related Stories

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Opera CTO Håkon Wium Lie has weighed in with a new editorial at The Register about "How to fix Microsoft's browser issues." He begins by stating that because of Microsoft's monopolistic practices, no real browser market exists, and the company doesn't feel the need to actually listen to its users. "A monopoly doesn't have to consider its customers' wants or needs. In a functioning market, vendors must consider such things in order to compete successfully. But the market isn't functioning," Lie wrote.

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