I have extracted this section of this Linus Torvalds interview.

As you can see, from the creator of Linux point of view, there is no reason to start a battle (or sustain it) against Microsoft, we (Linux Community) Should focus on how to do the things, and to teach other users, how to use Linux better and maybe stop doing comparisons. (I also did them a lot).

I am just thinking that maybe is better to focus in how good we are, and also on improving the things we are not too good yet.

This way we will gain more fans, than criticizing the software others use, that way we maybe only create people who will start defending themselves. We maybe need to remember that nobody likes to be criticized.

At least .

Here is the part of the interview that made me start thinking about that.

Q: Microsoft has recently claimed that free software and some e-mail programs violate 235 of its patents. But Microsoft also said it won’t sue for now. Is this the start of a new legal nightmare? A: I personally think it’s mainly another shot in the FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt] war. Microsoft has a really hard time competing on technical merit, and they traditionally have instead tried to compete on price, but that obviously doesn’t work either, not against open source. So they’ll continue to bundle packages and live off the inertia of the marketplace, but they want to feed that inertia with FUD.

Q: Do you think you and the open-source software community are prepared for this battle? A: I don’t actually see it as a battle. I do my thing because I think it’s interesting and worth doing, not because of any anti-Microsoft issues. I’ve never had a strong antipathy against them. Microsoft simply isn’t interesting to me. And the whole open-source thing is not an anti-Microsoft movement, either. Open source is a model for how to do things, and I happen to believe that it’s just a much better way to do things. </cite>