I am not a big fun of Computer Games, but today I wanted to test one in my Mandriva just to see how it performs.

I have installed OpenArena, which is like Quake but free :). On mandriva all you have to do is run:

urpmi openarena

With Ubuntu is:

apt-get install openarena

and you will be playing in minutes (If you have plenty of bandwidth as there are some megs. to download).

Here are some of the features it has.

  • You can play in the internet. (I could not, maybe the servers were busy)
  • You can choose different levels
  • You can choose different scenarios
  • You can control how to control the game, with the mouse, or Keyboard, I have also saw a Joystick option

You play just by killing others, and trying not to be killed, the graphics are really good, and I have an INTEL video card integrated in my Mother Board, so it is not the best.

You can play in Windows or full screen.

Here is a ScreenShot I got from http://www.soft32.com OpenArena Screenshot