ulteo who claim to be the the easiest Linux in the world is now offering for beta tester users, the possibility to run Ulteo online on your web-browser, and also use Open Office online, with collaboration tools, so you can send invitations via email to people to collaborate with you while working on a document, Like Google Docs but with the well know Open Office.

As well as offering instant 'no-install' access, Ulteo's service also provides OpenOffice.org users with instant collaboration capabilities. A user working with OpenOffice.org on the Ulteo server can invite other people to work with him or her on a shared document in real time. Invitations are sent via email and allow access in either read only or full edit mode, simply by clicking on a link in the email

Ulteo, is a good version of Linux Operating System, a project initiated by Gael Duval (Mandrake founder), If you want to see its installation screenshots check them here:Installing Ulteo Linux in six steps

You will need Java to run this on your PC.

This is the screen you will see when you are logged to the system

open Office online from Ulteo</img>

I still could not make it run on my PC, but I will keep trying and post here the screenshot as soon as I can.