Yesterday at the KDE developer conferences, Trolltech CEO Haavard Nord announced that the QT cross-platform developer toolkit is going to be released under GPL 3, this are really good news for KDE developers, and also for any developer who uses QT toolkit.

So maybe we will soon will be able to see the “buy” button for QT disappear, and it will be easier for developers to release its job.

I am not a lawyer but as far as I understand, this also means that nobody will be able to use QT to sell “closed code” applications, and all applications developed using QT will have to be under GPL 3, maybe I am wrong.

But I do still think this are good news.

via: arstechnica

If you read the comments under the original article, it seems to be an addition to the other licenses options they already have, and it seems that If you want to have your software closed, you will still have the option to pay for QT and keep your application code for you.

Maybe we need a lawyer’s analysis here.